Midwoofer (T160H):
• 6.5" Midwoofer, semi pressed papper cone & dust cap with special coated.
• Alumunium vented die cast basket
• 60 mm Woofer Mount Depth.

Tweeter (HT-25H):
• 25mm v/c with special hand coated silk dome.

Passive Crossover (XH-260):
2 way Passive Crossover for Hybrid-260 With adjustable tweeter level.
Single sided PCB with 2 OZ copper thickness to maximize signal transfers.
Using selected silver solder to maximize contacts.
Selected component to maximize each frequency characteristic to achieve the best tonal accuracy.
High Quality Vibration Damping Material !!

Feature Highlite:
• 2.3 mm Thickness
• Consist of Butyl Rubber + Alumunium Foil Material
• Prevent corrosion of the surface
• Alumunium Foil Thickness: 100 mkm
• Sheet Size : 75 x 50 cm . 1 Pack : 12 Sheet
• Application Area : Doors, roof, trunk, fender, fire wall, wheel arches.
FLUX FS-05 SOUND INSULATION MATERIAL!! The Best & Thinest material for reduce road & engine NOISE significantly!!

Feature Highlite:
• Made with a “sandwich” configuration, which consists of sound damper, sound blocking, sound absorber & glue
Easy to apply, flexible and strong adhesive

• 5mm Thickness, for the sound insulator category FS-05 is the thinnest material compared to other brands.
Size per sheet 50 x 37.5 cm

• 1 box contains 15 sheets

• It is very effective in reducing the noise that comes from tire friction when on the road and the engine significantly.

• Installation Area: floor and firewall area (under dashboard area)
The materials used are safe for health and do not cause odor.
PROJECT-8i is a audio processor built in amplifier, which has 8 channels for sound tuning, each channel is equipped with an amplifier. 7 channels with 50 Watt power and 1 channel with 200 Watt power at 4 ohms for each channel.

Project-8i Feature:
- 8 Channel DSP with Amplifier
- High Res Audio Support
- Plug & Play Installation
- Friendly User Interface PC Software
- Remote Control Included
- USB Hi-Res Audio Player
- Bluetooth Audio Streaming
- 31 band Parametric EQ
- Size: 205 (L) x 140 (W) x 53 (H) mm